Engagement Photos

Having just returned from a long and expensive trip back home (engagement ring + new camera + Phish NYE in Miami = one broke hippie), we decided to take matters into our own hands for our engagement pictures. Our good friend Robin accompanied us to a costume shop, where we rented traditional Yi costumes. The Yi are an ethnic group in China (the 7th largest), and many of them live in the province we now call home – Yunnan. We walked around Kunming’s Emerald Lake park and Yuan Tong Buddhist temple and took lots of pictures. Robin was shooting on his Canon, and our Finnish Couchsurfer was trying out Sasha’s new Sony. After combing through the hundreds of pictures, Sasha picked out the best ones and did some basic editing himself. It was not professional by any means, but at a total cost of $18 (16 for the costumes and 2 for the temple entrance), we think we did pretty damn good.

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