Welcome to the Grateful Gypsies!

by Sasha Savinov

In 2010, we were down and out. We were struggling to find work, borrowing money, and even had to get on food stamps. A few years later, we set off on a gap year to travel the world. We’ve lived in three different countries and traveled to 17 others and counting. Now that we’re teaching English online and doing some freelance writing, we’re finally able to live the digital nomad lifestyle!

Read on to see how we can help you do the same.

Who Are the Grateful Gypsies

Teaching English Abroad Changed Our Lives

We’re Sasha and Rachel, and we’re here to show you that a life of travel and adventure is possible, even if it seems otherwise. It’s true that we were living on food stamps just a few years ago and seemed to have no way out. With few opportunities at home, we moved to Beijing with what very little money we had.

Gubeikou Camp

Camping on the Great Wall

We lived with a friend and took whatever work we could get teaching English. Within a year, we had our own 3-bedroom place in a great part of the city and were heading off to backpack Thailand and Laos for a month. Whoever said teachers don’t make any money? Head over to our About page to read the full story.

Since then, we’ve enjoyed a comfortable life in Beijing, Kunming, Bali, and Puerto Vallarta and done a ton of traveling.

Gotta love those Bali sunsets!

Our list of travel experiences is quite extensive but here are some highlights:

These are just the first things that come to mind, and they barely scratch the surface. Now, we’re bouncing around South America.

That’s the best thing about this lifestyle we’ve created for ourselves – the freedom. We can hit the beach on a Wednesday afternoon, take a 3-4 day weekend with no trouble, and even plan to spend a few weeks to a month in another country. Life isn’t meant to be lived inside of a cube, and we’re living proof that it doesn’t have to be.

We want to help you do the same! We’ve compiled a list of our posts to help you get started.

Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

How We Can Help You

Travel Tips

 We put a lot of time and effort into planning our travels. It’s something we pride ourselves on. We love offering advice about things to see and do in the places we visit. Check out all our tips and don’t hesitate to reach out if you can’t find what you’re looking for!

The Trip that Changed Our Lives

Exactly ten years ago, we were on a month-long backpacking trip in Thailand. While we had both traveled quite a bit, this was the first time either of us traveled as backpackers.…

Rocky Mountain National Park Glamping Adventure

With our travel plans all thwarted due to this lousy pandemic, we had to improvise our lives quite a bit. There were no shows or festivals to attend and our passports suddenly…

SafetyWing Digital Nomad Health Insurance Review

As digital nomads, we don’t have a place to call home. For the past five years, we’ve been bouncing around the world, from Bali to Brazil. We work for ourselves and change…

Teach ESL (English as a Second Language)

 We started out teaching English in Beijing and taught to students of all ages. We then took our skills to Kunming, the capital of Yunnan province. Now we teach kids online. This enables us to do it from anywhere!

This area of the site has interviews with other people who are teaching abroad. If this is something you’re considering, this is the section for you!

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Digital Nomad Life

Thanks to our online teaching jobs, we’re able to live and work wherever we please (as long as there’s wifi, of course). We’re currently bouncing around South America.

When we’re not teaching, we’re working on more awesome content to help you out! This is where you’ll find information about the cost of living in various cities as well as best places to work and all things digital nomad.

New Year, Same Us? A January 2021 Update

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Teaching English online is our top recommendation to work from anywhere. Nowadays, there are many online English teaching platforms to choose from. GoGoKid is one of the leading platforms for teaching English…

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Take a Gap Year

 As Americans, the concept of gap year was foreign to us until we took our first backpacking trip in Thailand and Laos. During that month-long trip, we met plenty of Brits and Aussies in the midst of their gap years – a year off in between high school and college or graduation and the working world. We strongly believe it’s something everyone should do. Find your inspiration here!

Saving, Planning, and Budgeting for a Gap Year

“You’re traveling for how long?!” “What about bills?!” “How can you possibly afford to do this?!” These are all questions that we heard many times before hitting the open road for our…

Our Gap Year

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Should You Take a Gap Year?

Deciding to take an entire year off of school or work to travel extensively is no easy decision. Chances are you’ll have plenty of naysayers in your ear from the get-go: “You…

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