50 Awesome Handmade Gifts for Phish Fans

by Rachel Story
Phish gifts concert

It’s well-known that we like the band Phish. The thing about Phish fans is that we are everywhere and we love showing off our deep affection for the band. We’re pretty easy to spot as we’re usually rocking a t-shirt, hat, or anything with the famous donut theme from Jon Fishman’s moo-moo (he’s the drummer). Sasha has a donut-themed beach towel which is how we met one of our closest friends in Puerto Vallarta. She walked up and said “Hey, I love your towel!” and we’ve been besties ever since.

I’m sure you know at least one person who plans their travels around tour dates.

One of the best things about being a phan is the amazing community that comes with the package. The Phish phan base is passionate and many phans have used their creative skills to make all sorts of Phish-y products like jewelry, clothing, art, hand soaps, and more.

Gifts for Phish Fans

If you really want to impress your Phish-loving significant other, friend, or relative with a well thought out gift, get them something that helps them show off their affinity for the band. They’ll never forget where they got it.

Every time a fellow phan throws them a compliment they’ll say, “Thanks! My [partner/sibling/parent/relative] got it for me as a gift!” Plus, you’ll be supporting a phan in their business endeavors. It’s a win-win!

So without further adieu, here are 50 awesome Phish gifts.

Full disclosure – all of these links will take you to an item on Etsy. We are affiliates of Etsy and will earn a commission if you make a purchase. There’s no extra cost to you and the seller still gets their full share. The company pays the commission to affiliates like us.

Now, on to the amazing gifts for Phish fans!

Wrapping Paper

I think this is the most fun part of the gift. The presentation is everything! Get your loved ones excited and guessing what’s in the box with this Fishman donut wrapping paper.

Phish Behind Stage

The view from behind the stage at Phish.

Phish Gifts for the Home

Every Phish-loving homeowner enjoys decorating with a bit of Phish-y flare. We don’t own a home, but if we did it would be decked out to the nines with Phish gear.

There’s nothing we love more than going on Phish tour but for most phans, that’s just not an option. Fortunately, we have couch tour and what better to enjoy the live streams than resting on this awesome “couch tour” pillow? You better believe I will have this on my own couch someday!

That pillow comes from the shop TabootApparel and they have lots of other Phishy clothing and Christmas stuff.

Help the phans light up their home with this pretty light block that says “The light is growing brighter now,” from the song Light. They can use it for years by just replacing the light strand. It comes from the shop MsBlissDesignStudio and she will happily make a custom order with any lyric you want.

Every home needs a doormat to welcome guests. Why not get this super cool doormat with the lyrics from “Cavern” that serve as important life advice. I also love this Fluffhead doormat or this one with the simple donut design.

These mats come from the shop NJEastCoasters and they have many other home items with the donut design. I think this Meatstick mat is absolutely hilarious.

With it being the holiday season, I’m naturally drawn to Christmas themed Phish gifts. This stocking is made with donut fabric with a cute green trim. In case the aforementioned stocking is no longer available, I also really like the looks of this one from YouEnjoyMyVegan.

Christmas ornaments are always a fun gift around the holiday season. It’s especially great if you have a phriendly gift exchange at your holiday party. I particularly like this one because of the font. This metal one from KharmaGoods is hand-stamped and the lyric from “Roses Are Free” makes it fit perfectly on the Christmas tree.

For a more unique ornament, check out this wooden, laser-cut ornament of the Phish logo from MountainLaserDesigns or this one from sawfamilycreations. The latter is made from recycled Christmas trees! Both are ornaments but would be perfect decorations year-round in your home or car.

If it’s a donut-themed ornament you’re after, look no further than this mini donut dress on a hanger from moonandsundries. I’ve been loving her videos of the creation process on Instagram.

Then there’s this super colorful, hand-painted ornament from MixxedBreedCreations that would brighten up any Christmas tree.

These 4 Phish song ornaments from HippieChicki are cracking me up! Okay, no more ornaments 😉

Let’s not forget the kitchen! These donut design potholders are an awesome gift for Phish fans that love to cook.

Phish MGM Grand

Not a bad backdrop for a photo!

Drinking Accessories

I love waking up in the morning and enjoying a good cup of coffee. My morning Java would be a lot better if I had a Phish mug to pour it in.

I especially love this one that says Have a cup of coffee and catch your breath from the song “Fee” made by MariaDdesigns…. or this one that says I was foggy rather groggy (how I feel in the morning) from “Sample in a Jar.” This mug with the donut design is also pretty sweet. This mug with a sloth is super cute.

Sometimes we like to enjoy a nice bottle of vino with our dinner. For the times we don’t drink the whole bottle it would be great to have a wine stopper. I can’t think of anything better than a hand-made one that has one of my favorite song lyrics on it. You can find tons of options in the shop SeekandSought. She has lyrics from all the favorites like Lizards, Strange Design, Blaze On, and Kasvot Vaxt.

This wine tumbler with YEM printed in glittery letters is the perfect lot companion. It’ll keep your drink cold when you’re out wandering in the hot sun.

If your Phish-loving loved ones are anything like me, they mostly prefer strong, heady beers. The problem is that they’re not easy to open. I fail at the lighter trick so I could really use this handmade bottle opener that says Give me little drink from “Loving Cup.” I also really love this one that says Surrender to the flow from “Lizards”…..and this one that says Tipsy Fuddled Boozy Groggy from “Fluffhead.”

They’re all from the shop SunraeLoveJewelry and I’m sure she’d be happy to make a custom one.

This simple donut-theme bottle opener keychain will also do the trick.

Help keep beer cold and hands dry with this donut koozie or this fantastic sloth koozie from Phorbin’sCloset (just found what I’m getting myself!).

Don’t forget the coasters! These wood burned coasters with the faces of the boys will keep all the furniture free of water rings.

Nothing beats the Gorge!

Jewelry Gifts for Phish Fans

I love admiring the phan-made jewelry. You can tell a lot of time, effort, and love went into making them.  These earrings by SunraeLoveJewelry are beautifully made of shiny aluminum and say “Funky Bitch” on them. She has lots of Phish jewelry in her shop.

Anything made with a sparkly donut will always be sure to catch the eye of a passing fan. These donut earrings are small but cute and perfect to dance in at shows. Or I’m sure any phan girl would love these leather donut Rescue Squad earrings from LastRewindDesign.

My personal favorites are these earrings with wood charm logos with Japanese seed beads, this pair that’s also wood but different beads (both from GratefulBeadOholic), and these crochet earrings with donut design and gold tassels from TwistedOpusDesigns.

Phish Concert

Phish tour is the best.

Accessories, Magnets, Bookmarks, & Misc. Gifts for Phish Fans

Fly sunglasses are a must-have on lot and for those times when Christ Kuroda (Phish’s lighting director) goes nuts with the lasers. I have been dying to get a pair of these sunglasses that can be customized with your favorite lyrics made by shopbabacool. If you don’t know your friend’s favorite lyrics, the donut design sunglasses are always a safe bet.

If your friends are big-time travelers, this donut design luggage tag will help set their suitcase apart as belonging to the travelers with the best musical taste. I think it would make an amazing wedding gift. You could stuff it with cash and a note that says “First honeymoon round on me!”

Make sure your loved ones have the coolest phone cases around by getting them this Fishman donut phone case or this donut cactus combo phone case. I personally like the donut cactus one and plan to purchase the bikini of the same pattern for myself.

You may have heard your friends talking about how amazing the Kasvot Vaxt set from the Phish Halloween run last year. We were treated to a full suite of phresh tunes with silly lyrics. We’re still reeling from the experience.

Help your friends remember the experience forever by giving them this magnet that says I’m the glue in your magnet from the song “We Are Come to Outlive Our Brains” or this ticket stub box with the lyric You will always remember where you were from “S.A.N.T.O.S.” Or this coozie with the lyric from “Final Hurrah” that also reminds them to recycle.

Speaking of Phish runs, the New Year’s run at MSG is quickly approaching! Get your friend this sequined donut headband to match the donut earrings and sunglasses I mentioned above. They will be stylin’ and – Woo! – profilin’! It’s from the shop PKJamBands and she has lots of cute headband designs.

Inject a bit of humor into your Phish gifts by adding this set of bookmarks with a note that says “Read the f*cking book! READ IT!!!” Any hardcore phan should get the joke. Those bookmarks are from the shop HelpinFriendlyPrints and they have Phish stickers, holiday cards, confetti, and so much more.

And finally, a sticker is always a great gift for Phish phans. Especially this one of Fishman twerking for the people – another hilarious moment from the 2018 Halloween run. This sticker of a Phish donut pizza is a pretty unique take on the design.

If none of these tickle your fancy, the shop JamOnGifts has some of the coolest Phish related stuff I’ve found on Etsy.

Phish Halloween

Kasvot Vaxt set from the Halloween run in Vegas 2018

Phan Art

Can I just take a minute to say I’m honored to be surrounded by such talented people! In doing research for this guide, I came across so many beautiful pieces of art created by phans. I think all these works of art would brighten up any room and I will most certainly be ordering some when I have a wall to put them on.

Have you ever seen a setlist poster? They’re pretty cool.

The artist paints a picture for each song of the setlist and the setlist posters from the 2018 Halloween run are pretty epic. These posters would be an awesome party conversation starter. You could easily make a game out of trying to figure out the song from the photos. I really admire the creativity that goes into these setlist posters. They are from the shop Joseeen and he also created some pretty epic posters from Mohegan Sun, SPAC, and Fenway Park 2019.

I’m also a big fan of lyrics posters like this one with the lyrics from “If I Could,” a gorgeous song that gives you the best goosebumps. If your significant other is a phan that also loves travel, I think this poster with the lyrics from “My Sweet One” would bring a smile to their face. Or this poster with the lyrics from “Tela” would be great since they rarely play that song.

Every phan needs a memory box for their ticket stubs and other show memorabilia. This box is perfect for that and it has the colorful logo hand-painted on the top.  I love that this box has the lyric “I saw you with a ticket stub in your hand” from Golgi Apparatus. It’s basically a piggy bank for ticket stubs!

These tiles by SeekandSought with lyrics from various Phish songs are absolutely gorgeous. This one has lyrics from “Roggae” and this one has lyrics from “Mercury.” The holographic lights behind the lyrics change colors depending on the angle of the light that hits them. As Jennalee put it, “It’s like a little light show as you walk by them in a room.” I can’t wait to have these light shows in my future home!

My Phish books, full of stubs and setlists.

Bags & Totes

I’m a bit of a bag lady so I love a good bag. Being a digital nomad means that I’m doing a lot of moving around. I need to get my stuff there with me somehow. Etsy is full of awesome bags like this cactus print tote bag. This “Bag it. Tag it.” Reba lyric bag is my favorite. For a truly customizable bag, check out these totes from YouEnjoyMyGoods. They have several different designs and color options.

Taking a big purse or backpack to a show isn’t always practical. That’s why donut hippie sack is the perfect companion for a show as it allows you to keep all the important things strapped on.

It’s always good to have a bag of supplies when you’re heading out in the woods or into a show. This 40L donut design backpack is sturdy and perfect for festivals or camping trips. If your friends love camping or spend a lot of time in the woods, the previously mentioned backpack is even better when you include this donut parachute hammock. I’m certain they will love you forever if you get the combo!

Phish gifts tickets

Seeing Phish at Wrigley Field in Chicago

Phish Clothing

Clothing is the biggest and best thing you can gift a phan to help them stand out. Help your phriends get ready for summer tour with this Funky Bitch tank top.

After a long winter of not raging, they might also need some encouragement to get into raging shape. What better to motivate them than these awesome donut pattern yoga pants!?

This super cute pencil skirt would be perfect as office attire or a dress-up event. I love the donut trim around the bottom. This mini skirt is amazing and would be perfect for YEMSG (the New Years’ show at MSG).

Help your friends stand out from the crowd at the next formal event with a Fishman donut pattern tie. Whether it’s a wedding, office party, or just regular work attire, they will stick out as someone with exquisite musical taste.

Keep everyone’s feet nice and comfortable with sweet socks like this pair with the Possum lyrics or this pair with the lyrics from Run Like an Antelope. Complete the combo with these sweet donut kicks.

This Phish t-shirt made me literally lol. I’m from the south and the southern spelled You Enjoy Myself lyrics of “Boy. Man. God. Shit.” nearly made me spit coffee all over my computer. I found a cute, slouchy sweatshirt with the same lyrics from YEM but transformed for the female to say “Girl. Woman. Goddess. Shit.”

How fun would it be to be underwear twinsies with your partner?! This set of donut pattern boxers and panties is a fantastic gift for a newly married couple or your Phish-loving partner. C’mon, you know you’ve thought about it 😉

Last but not least, this donut pattern winter beanie is perfect for those who live in cold places. Pair it with this donut scarf and you’ve got a winning pair of fuzzy, winter attire.



Well, that’s it! I hope you’ve gotten some inspiration from this and ordered some Phish gifts for your friends and loved ones. I know I added a lot of these things to my wishlist!

Thanks for reading this to the end. Be sure and sign up for our newsletter so you never miss a post like this one!

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