Music Festivals

Our journey together actually began at a music festival, when Sasha “proposed” to Rachel with a Ring Pop. We’ve been to plenty of other festivals together, in the US, China, Costa Rica, and even at an all-inclusive resort in Mexico. Throughout the years, we’ve also worked at quite a few of them. Dive into our festival experience and then get out there to hit a few yourself.

music festival

Rothbury 10 Years Later: How We Met at a Music Festival

This past weekened, Electric Forest wrapped up its second edition of 2018. The popular Michigan festival expanded to two weekends last year as more and more music lovers learned of the famed Sherwood Forest. What many festivalgoers may not realize is that it wasn’t always called Electric Forest. Once upon …

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Summer Camp Music Festival video

Summer Camp Video Highlights (Part Two)

Welcome back to our video recap of Summer Camp Music Festival 2017. Be sure and check out Part One if you missed it. Thursday and Friday were quite busy, so we were happy to slow down a bit for the second half of the fest.

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