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by Rachel Story

Hi! We’re Rachel and Sasha 😀

We’re originally from the USA (Tennessee and Michigan, respectively) but we’ve been living and traveling abroad since 2010 – a whole decade 😮

In that time we’ve lived in China, Indonesia, and Mexico and traveled to more than 20 countries together. We started out as backpackers, taking extended trips any chance we got.

Not wanting to be a slave to an employer, we figured out how to become location independent so we can make our own schedules and travel where we want, when we want, for as long as we want.

Our mission is to help you do the same!

Here are some of our best resources to get you started:

Free Masterclass

Interested in teaching English online so you can work from anywhere? This is for you!

During this free training, you will learn:

  • the most common misconceptions about teaching English online
  • the 3 F’s that make is fantastic, how much you can earn
  • why you DO qualify to teach English online, even if you think you don’t.

Want to learn how to become a digital nomad?

Teaching English online is one of the fastest ways to get started. This free e-book is packed with actionable steps you can start taking right now to get you closer to living life on your terms. You’ll learn:

  • how to start getting some experience if you don’t have any
  • the best companies out there right now (including those that don’t require a degree)
  • tips on how to transition to digital nomad life

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Turn your dream of location independence into a reality!

Becoming location independent and living the digital nomad lifestyle isn’t an unattainable thing only meant for “lucky” people. This lifestyle is definitely possible if it’s what you really want. You just need a roadmap to show you how to get there.

It’s totally free! Just tell us where to send it.

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